Billboard posters

Billboard posters.

P1070183     posterPaulbw
Left: Paul Bower; right: Duncan Ross
After a billboard poster by Celia, aged 6, who made the courageous start with the ‘art in the dschungle’ campaign, the second poster is up. It is designed by Paul Bower and was created as an early response to the potential of the community garden as a place of public interaction, play, food production and utopian action.
Paul Bower is a PhD researcher at SPACE, Queen’s University Belfast looking at the impact of conflict on architectural practice.

Call for billboard posters
Now, as everyone knows about the community garden and the gardening sessions every Saturday between 11am-2pm, we can use our big billboard for art posters. They can be painted by children or grown-ups, you can write words or sentences or we can enlarge a photograph.
The measurements are 122cm hight x 204cm width and we want to get many proposals. Please contact Paddy from the Community centre if you are interested.

P1060455  research
Left: Celia, aged 6; right: List of questions