Charlotte Bosanquet

 The Centre for Creative ideas.

Participants:   Everyone interested

Time:              Monday- Friday, 11am-4pm- till 23 August 2013.

Where:           Container hub next to the garden

Lead artist:   Charlie Bosanquet

The Centre for Creative Ideas is a space where ideas are formed and discussed, a creative space for excellent ideas to happen. During the month of August The Centre for Creative Ideas is housed in a temporary portable structure in the Glandore/Skegoneill interface. The container houses materials both for research and practical use in the form of paper, pens, thread, rubber, sewing machines and tea bags.  It will be a space to come and meet and talk about the great energy saving idea that you have had or solar powered ice cream cart and perhaps in the process make it. The outcome might be a collar that walks your dog, an anti- bullying jacket or a teapot/toast-rack.


Charlotte Bosanquet is an artist and curator living and working in Belfast. She graduated from Glasgow in 2004 and moved to Belfast in 2008. She was a Catalyst Art Director from 2009-2011. From 2004 to 2007 Charlotte co-curated Cabin Exchange in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Melbourne. She continues she practice as a curator and was selected for the Curator in Residence in PS², 2011, curated FieldWork for the Niland Gallery Galway and Tock Tock in the Craft Collective, Belfast. Alongside her practise she works as a community artist for the Upper SpringField Road Development Trust and The Golden Thread Gallery.

‘It can be argued that art is a collaborative process and can’t exist without the help and dialogue of others. Within my practise I perform, direct and facilitate actions, performances and events. These events generally question the pre-existing structures that constitute artist and audience but also question any establishment of behaviours. I aim to integrate audience, making the audience proactive in their experience of the work, democratizing the art experience by encouraging a shared experience. ‘

David, aged 6: The T-shirt Bag- With so many pockets you don’t need a bag. Rebecca, aged 8:  The collar that walks your dog and much more.

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