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Temporary Places- what’s happening – September 2013

Charlotte Bosanquet: Centre for Creative ideas.

The Centre for Creative Ideas is a space where ideas are formed and discussed, a creative space for excellent ideas to happen. During the month of August The Centre for Creative Ideas is housed in a temporary portable structure in the Glandore/Skegoneill interface. The container houses materials both for research and practical use in the form of paper, pens, thread, rubber, sewing machines and tea bags.  It will be a space to come and meet and talk about the great energy saving idea that you have had or solar powered ice cream cart and perhaps in the process make it. The outcome might be a collar that walks your dog, an anti- bullying jacket or a teapot/toast-rack.

Participants:   Everyone interested

Time:              Monday- Friday, 11am-4pm- till 23 August 2013.

Where:           Container hub next to the garden

Lead artist:   Charlie Bosanquet

Phil Hession: Mini Speakers.

A squeaky, noisy project, where you design and build your own personal speakers.

Every Friday7-9pmat the garden container + sessions @ Fab Lab, Ashton Centre.

Everyone interested in music, sound and technology.

Duncan Ross: Local Newspaper.

A newspaper for the neighbourhood. Articles and content is produced by young people and distributed through a sculptural dispenser placed on various sites.

Every Monday, 7-9pm in the common purpose community centre and

every Friday, 11am -4pm at the garden container.

Young people with a senses of curiosity.

Duncan Ross: Drawing class.

An easy and fun workshops where you (learn to) draw your environment, other people or just Sina’s chicken.

Every Tuesday, 11am-2pm at the garden container.

Younger and older adults.

Paddy Bloomer: Pagoda.

Design and build a fancy sheltered space for music performances, activities and good views and meeting place.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


at the container site

Younger and older adults with interest in construction, engineering and dirty hands.

All workshops are free. If you are interested, please either contact Skegoneill&Glandore Common Purpose or turn up for the workshops.

Temporary Places uses two containers, an empty shop, the garden and outside spaces for its activities.

Since August a 30ft office container is placed next to the garden and equipped with a generator, everything is possible- a community centre right in the middle of a wild flower site.



Duncan Ross: for more details see

Charlie Bosanquet: for more details see

Phil Hession

Paddy Bloomer

+ extras

1. Storage and garden container

2. Workshop container

Since early April, a small  shipping container is placed on the empty site at the Skegoneill/Glandore interface.

Although this strand of the ‘Temporary Places’ programme will only start in July, small actions, community activities, meetings and research should take place in and around the metal structure. These are understood as creative impulses to prepare and announce the summer programme through playful exercises in community participation, collaborative work and individual actions.

With the first, fairly shy tags on the container, it is time to decorate the metal box. Everyone who is interested in tags, graffiti, comic, wall painting or other forms of spray-can expression should come along for design and ‘colouring in’ workshops on a large scale.

Workshop, free and for everyone interested:

Container painting

Every Sunday in May.

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Container opposite Sina’s shop.

Project artist: Duncan Ross.