Acts of vandalism

billboard_distruction_sm_sm It started with a steady increase of plants and vegetables being ripped out. Now, within three days, the community garden was hit by a series of acts of vandalism, targeting the built structures. First the billboard sign was flattened, then the green house and tepee were set on fire.
We expected acts of vandalism from the very beginning, yet till recently we escaped destruction,be it because of a general acceptance of the project, tolerance, respect or luck.

The question is, how to deal with vandalism? How to integrate and transform dissent, what strategies beyond the planting of vegetables do we employ to make the space inclusive?
Amidst the ‘marching season’, the Twelve of July parades, the demarcation of areas with flags and with it an increase in community tensions and sectarianism, school holidays, boredom and more, what can be done?

In the spirit of the ‘agri-cultural community project, how can this potential of conflict and disruption be translated and expressed in an open, non-violent way? What place and position canĀ  art and cultural activism have, play, work with? As an instigator for change? As a means to equip people to express opinions and feelings in a creative way? As an absorbent of energies translated into projects?

Many questions. In the meantime, we clear up, replant and plan actions.Who wants to take part?