Community Garden

The Skegoneill Glandore community garden was shortlisted at the Belfast Healthy City awards.
Unlike our sunflowers or Johanna’s beans, we didn’t make it to the top, but the garden was ‘Highly Commended’


As we now need an appropriate place for this glass framed certificate we could either
– place it in the garden grounds.
– or build a structure to hold this frame.
Either in a cheap version on a climbing tree or more expensive on a free climbing rock.

treeweb      stoneweb

Community Garden:
Gardening sessions every Saturday 11am-2pm.


Whoever is interested, please come.

We started to turn the site behind Sina’s shop into a community garden, with vegetables, flowers, potatoes, herbs…and well not quite yet- palm trees. But to really succeed, we need lots of gardeners, young and old, small and tall, experts and first time diggers, who help to plant, water, care for the garden and finally harvest and eat the products.
With a small group of people- and an even bigger group of children- we have so far
-built a billboard
-a green house
-raised beds and tractor tyres  filled with: potatoes, beans, onions, lettuce, herbs, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, more beans, flowers and things we don’t know….
We have a big heap of top soil- mainly a sand mountain claimed by the kids, no slugs so far and a fence against immigrant chicken.
We acquired a 30m hose pipe which satisfies its thirst through a tap in Sina’s shop, 50m of weed barrier membrane and 2 watering cans. We lost one ladder and a staple gun so far and don’t know how.

What we need is more wild ideas- and people to carry them out- , more sculptural pieces from scarecrows to palm trees, massively oversized  fruits and vegetable on high poles to DIY constructions and more kids adventures.
In short, a community plot as playground, sculpture park, garden and place for planted wilderness, real, green, utopian and spilling over.


And everyone is welcome, the more the better, individuals, groups, families with kids. You might plant some more beans or funny flowers, build something, play on the sand hill, tell some stories or observe the chicken.